How to Cap Stone Veneer Columns

Boston Blend Ledgestone Column with Bluestone Cap

How to cap stone veneer columns with natural stone square & rec corners instead of bluestone. David Croteau explains why Boston Blend Square & Rec corners are the preferred way to top and match the Boston Blend Ledgestone on a stone veneer column.

There are many examples of natural stone columns capped with bluestone, as shown on the right. If you are not using a custom cut-to-size bluestone cap, and would rather not add that expense, you have the option to use thin veneers corners and flats for the cap.

David Croteau recommends using a more substantial square and rec corner of the same veneer stone product, in this example Boston Blend, instead of using the smaller ledgestone corner. This applies whether you are a professional natural stone installer or a DIY homeowner.

At the top of the column, place square and rec corners along the edge, with ledgestone flats in the center of the cap.

The reason to do so is that the seam of the Boston Blend Square and Rec corner, which will be laying flat on top, and the heart of the stone shown at the side of the corner, match perfectly to Boston Blend Ledgestone. The result will be a beautiful stone column.

See examples of stone veneer columns on homes using Stoneyard Boston Blend Stone Veneer.

Watch the video below to see the difference in corners and how to place corners on the top of the column based on the seam and heart of the stone.

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