Choosing The Perfect Stone Siding

Natural stone veneer siding offers a timeless and durable upgrade to any residential or commercial property. However, with so many options available, choosing the perfect stone siding can be a daunting task. This guide will help you navigate the selection process, ensuring you find the right stone veneer to complement your home or commercial property’s unique character. 

Exterior Siding by Quinns Stoneworks and Landscape LLC - Boston Blend Square and Rec
Exterior Siding by Quinns Stoneworks and Landscape LLC – Boston Blend Square and Rec

Stone Siding Color, Shape, and Inspiration

Choosing Color

Natural stone veneer comes in a vast array of colors and narrowing down your options can be a challenge. To choose the perfect stone siding, focus on creating a cohesive color palette. Pull inspiration from the undertones of your roof, color of your trim, or the main elements in your landscaping to find complementary hues.

Would cooler gray tones work best with your design? Maybe Oyster Bay, Newport Mist or Greenwich Gray is a good color choice for you. If warmer, more neutral tones are a better fit, Coastal Sand or Colonial Tan may be just what you are looking for.

Our Boston Blend is a popular choice as it is a mix of colors that works well in any design scheme. You can customize Boston Blend by purchasing a percentage of any of the other colors to mix into the blend to make it more tan or more gray depending on your preference.

Selecting Shape

The shape of stone veneer can dramatically impact the overall feel of your siding. Ledgestone, with its long, rectangular pieces can lend a more modern vibe. For a rustic touch, try Round or Mosaic stone veneer. Consider your home’s architectural style and choose a stone shape that complements it.

The Five Shapes of Stone Siding

Boston Blend Round Siding

Finding Inspiration

Stuck in a visualization rut? Our Stone Visualizer tool can help you virtually try-on different colors and shapes. Simply upload an image of your home or commercial building, choose the wall you’d like to apply stone to, and select the stone you’d like to try-on. This is a great tool to help you in your selection process.

Stone Front House before and after
Stone Visualizer: Siding Before and After

Practical Considerations of Stone Siding

Sample It Before You Commit

Stone is a natural material with variations in color and texture. Always request a sample to see how the stone looks in person before you make a purchase. You can sample different stone colors and shapes and even hold them up against your home’s exterior to get a better feel for the overall look. 

Ask Your Mason for a Mock-Up

Once you find a sample of stone that you like, ask your mason to create a mock-up. This way you can ensure the color blend, trimming, and lay out of the stone matches the look you are hoping to achieve.

Durability Matters

Stone is a durable material, but different types have varying degrees of weather resistance. Our selection of New England Thin Stone Veneer is a dense, quartzitic stone that is Harsh Climate Approved. This means that our stone veneer can endure harsh climates including winter weather or tropical conditions. 

Finding Your Perfect Stone Siding Partner

Schedule a Showroom Visit

Visiting our Stoneyard showroom in-person or virtually allows you to see a wide variety of stone types and colors. Trained staff can answer your questions and help you narrow down your choices. 

Expert Advice

Professional guidance from a stone expert is only a phone call away! Contact us if you have any questions or need some help with the stone selection process. 

Aura Apartments by Chris Crimi Masonry - Newport Mist Ashlar and Boston Blend Ledgestone
Aura Apartments by Chris Crimi Masonry – Newport Mist Ashlar and Boston Blend Ledgestone

By following this guide, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions throughout the stone selection process. Stone siding offers a timeless aesthetic and undeniable durability, translating into a worthwhile upgrade that can significantly enhance your property value and curb appeal. By carefully considering the factors outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect stone siding that complements your home or commercial building’s unique character and architectural style.

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