New Thin Stone Veneer Product

Introducing Austin Rustic Ashlar

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our collection of natural thin stone veneer: Austin Rustic Ashlar. This new product features a medium sized ashlar style stone with some irregularity. It has a rough limestone face with creamy tones, similar to those found in historic limestone buildings. This stone veneer is the perfect choice for someone looking to add texture to a minimalist space.

Austin Rustic Ashlar
Austin Rustic Ashlar

Limestone in Design

In recent years, warm, neutral colors have gained popularity in interior and exterior design, with limestone becoming a favored material over marble for its warmth and superior durability. Natural stone like limestone creates a warmer space with more durability than marble. Our Austin Rustic Ashlar has a matte appearance which adds soft texture, creating a calming environment perfect for any home, spa, or office space.

Austin Rustic Ashlar Close-up

Austin Rustic Ashlar Applications

Austin Rustic Ashlar holds a lot of opportunities for those looking to incorporate natural stone in their home. Its neutral palette compliments any color scheme. For the modern minimalist, consider this stone as an accent wall or fireplace in a room with white or beige walls.

The rugged texture of this stone veneer also suits rustic aesthetics. The stone’s irregularity and natural texture offers a fresh, new take on rustic design. It is a fashionable, yet durable choice for modern farmhouses, whether used for entryways, siding, or chimneys.

Exterior Siding Austin Rustic Ashlar
Exterior Siding Austin Rustic Ashlar

Installing Austin Rustic Ashlar

The installation of Austin Rustic Ashlar follows the same steps as our recommended thin stone veneer installation process. Prior to installation, you must decide the overall pattern or style you wish to apply the stone. Austin Rustic Ashlar is typically applied with mortared joints between each stone. Some may apply the stone utilizing the dry-stacked method. This would require additional cutting and trimming to get each stone flush with one another.

This stone veneer’s overall appearance is quite customizable due to its neutral coloring. When paired with a gray mortar, more of the creamy gray tones of the stone appear. Alternatively, a white mortar will bring out the warmer beige tones of the stone. If you are a homeowner, make sure to discuss with your installer so that they can choose the correct style to achieve your desired look.

Rustic Austin Ashlar – Fireplace with Gray Mortar

In conclusion, Rustic Austin Ashlar brings a fresh and modern twist to the traditional look of natural stone. Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of applications, from accent walls to fireplaces, adding a touch of rustic charm to any space. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy cabin aesthetic or a contemporary urban vibe, Rustic Austin Ashlar is the perfect choice.

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