Designing a Modern Look with Stone Veneer and Metal Buildings and Metal Trim

If you’re designing a metal building with stone veneer details, there are many different strategies you can use to design a memorable space. Whether added to the interior or exterior, stone veneer can add a rustic sophistication to any structure.

When paired with the right design principles, a metal building with stone veneer elements can create a refreshing modern aesthetic. Here are some tips for adding stone veneer to a metal building exterior or using natural stone to add personality to the interior. 

What Are the Design Qualities of Stone Veneer?


Natural stone tends to bring a rustic feel, though variations in size, color, shape, and layout can certainly provide a full range of aesthetics. Smooth surfaces may feel more sophisticated than stone veneer panels with intentionally rough edges and sharp angles, which draw on a rugged, natural style. Rounded stone tends to feel more relaxed and charming than rigid rectangular shapes, like flagstone. While there’s plenty of variation, all of these styles can be used to embellish a metal building with stone veneer for a fresh and modern feel.

Color also plays a role in the aesthetic quality of stone veneer. Monochromatic designs have a distinct look, while variegated stone veneer can add dynamic color and energy. Red and brown tones may match with certain siding and trim colors in a different way than gray stone. There are many color variations possible with stone veneer, so designers have a lot of selection to work with in order to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Ways to Feature Stone Veneer with Metal Buildings, Metal Trim, and Metal Roofing


Stone veneer is incredibly versatile in the sense that it can be used across a range of architectural features and enhance various design elements. Because it is considerably lighter than full-size stone masonry installations, stone veneer can often accommodate more spaces – and it tends to be easier to install!

So, where can a metal building benefit from stone veneer? Just about anywhere! In addition to exterior siding and accent walls, here are a few ideas for the interior and patio areas:

Accent Walls


Adding stone to a single segment of wall can be a great way to break up the space visually. While people tend to assume accent walls are only for interior design, it’s important to remember that the same effect can be achieved on the exterior of the metal building. Stone veneer can be added to a single bump-out, side wall, garage, or front-facing wall to effectively create an exterior accent wall that calls attention and enhances curb appeal.



Stone veneer looks amazing on fireplaces and adds instant character to the living space. Many modern homes feature fireplaces styled with stone. Embellishing the fireplace with stone veneer is a great way to bridge natural elements and contemporary decor in a way that feels both familiar and fresh.

Focal Point Panels


Stone veneer is eye-catching, which is why it is often used to draw attention to a particular element in the home. For example, framing the entryway with stone veneer creates a gorgeous focal point that draws the eye toward the front door.

Outdoor Areas


Patios, pool decks, and outdoor kitchens can all get a boost with stone veneer. Added on to metal buildings, these additional spaces will feel just as comfortable and exciting as the rest of the home when they have that signature stone aesthetic.

Modern Design Principles for a Metal Building with Stone Veneer


There are few things to keep in mind when outfitting a modern metal building with stone veneer – especially when choosing coordinating colors and trim to go with the selected stone.

  • Light and Bright Colors – Modern homes often feature neutral tones that reflect natural light well, so beige, oak, gray, and cool blue tones are all great choices. Coordinate the color of the stone veneer with surrounding decor to maintain a cohesive look that maintains its modern feel.
  • Natural Elements – Wood, stone, metal and marble are all materials that are commonly featured in modern home designs. A metal building with stone veneer elements already draws from this inspiration, but feel free to add extra features – like oak wood beams or wrought iron fencing – to embellish the natural aesthetic even more.
  • Interesting Textures – Smooth, staggered, grooved – stone veneer offers plenty of potential for adding texture to the landscape. Be sure to consider how certain stone veneer styles will look alongside other surrounding textures.
  • Arches, Curves and Other Unique Shapes – Rounded stones can bring a playful feel that looks great with a modern color contrast like beige and teal or brown and white. Consider how the stone shape may play a role in the mood of the room when designing a metal building with stone veneer.

Employ the Best in Stone Veneer for Your Metal Building with Stoneyard®


There are so many exciting modern styles possible when crafting a metal building with stone veneer elements. Ready to get to work designing your own project? Contact Stoneyard® today and an experienced member of our team will help you find the perfect material for your project!

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