Adding A Natural Stone Chimney To A New House

Real Stone Veneer is the Natural Choice

Natural stone veneer is a type of exterior house stone that can be added to new and existing chimneys, used as siding and inside for fireplace surrounds that match the exterior stone chimney. Building a new house means you can have the latest technology, but it doesn’t mean that certain aspects of your home can’t have the classic look of a natural stone chimney.

Stone Chimney Exterior

Round stone veneer harkens back to how early settlers built their chimneys. Those homesteaders used fully round stones. Today, Stoneyard takes those same stones and saws them to a 1″ depth, leaving their natural face.

Ask for Stone Chimney Pictures

Professional stonemasons then adhere these lighter stones to the backing board of the chimney. The result are stone chimneys that will not fade in color as you might expect with a chimney built with fake stone veneer, and are built to last through all wind and weather.

K.T. Fenton Masonry in Massachusetts was commissioned for this stone project. There is an artistry to choosing and fitting the stones for a tight, natural joint. It is important to ask a stonemason for stone chimney pictures prior to starting your project to make sure your mason can produce the right look for you.

Installing Newport Mist Round Stone Veneer

In this build, the homeowner chose Stoneyard Newport Mist Round thin veneer. We’ve included photos of the stone chimney outsides to give you a sense of the process from different angles, and the final result after the stone veneer is grouted and cleaned, flashing is finished, and the chimney is capped to prevent water from entering the flue.

Here K.T. Fenton stonemasons select, trim and fit each thin veneer stone, achieving the look of fully round stones without requiring a substantial footing to carry the weight of full stones.

Final Result: A Natural Round Stone Veneer Chimney

This finished natural stone chimney looks like it has been there forever, and it will be!

For more information on Newport Mist Round stone veneer, view product information and photos of finished projects with Newport Mist.

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