All Natural Thin Stone Veneer is Not Created Equal.

A quality, curated thin stone veneer reduces the amount of time it takes a stonemason to install it.

At Stoneyard, every stone in every layer is inspected before it becomes part of a Stoneyard order. Stonemasons tell us they prefer to use our stone. A 15% - 20% waste factor is normal but a 40% waste factor is not. Consistently producing quality stone is not an easy process. We do it because it is the right thing to do.

The earth produces beautiful fieldstone and quarry stone that can be split and cut into thin stone veneer that will literally last forever. It also produces fieldstone and quarry stone that we reject.

Know that each type of stone that you purchase from Stoneyard has been thoroughly tested at our production facility for its durability, mineral content, ability to be split and shaped, color variation within the stone type and suitability for its applications in the field.

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