Frequently Asked Questions

Is all of your stone manufactured at all or is it all cut from quarried material?

Is all of your stone manufactured at all or is it all cut from quarried material?

Hi, We only carry 100% natural stone, nothing manufactured. Our Stoneyard line is even quarried locally in New England! Are you specifically looking for a natural stone?

Yes as we were told that since we are placing this material above a salt water pool, the manufactured ones tend to fade

Yes they sure do!

Natural stone is definitely going to be the way to go. Do you have an idea of any specific stones you like on our site? Or do you have photos  you’d like to share? Here’s a link to our thin stone

We selected a manufactured stone prior to deciding we would like a pool, so we are kind of starting over

Oh no, so sorry to hear that! It can be a process for sure but hopefully we can make the selecting process as easy as possible for you. Which manufactured stone did you select? I can see if we have something similar in color and shape

Something similar to the Boston Blend. We are in North Carolina. Does shipping get crazy with costs?

Great! Boston Blend is what we are known for and we do our best to keep it in stock

Shipping depends on the specific zip code and number of pallets. How many SF and LF of corners do you think you’d need? I can work up a quote with trucking for you.

Do you offer exterior corners?

Yes! We have 90 degree outside corners

I will have to do a quantity take off as I have not done one yet

Not a problem & thank you for that info. How about I send you some base pricing on the stone to get started and then once we have quantities I can put together a more formal quote with a trucking rate. Which shape in the Boston Blend are you interested in?

not yet

Ok I will send you approx pricing for all 5 shapes and we can go from there!
Is there anything else I can help with in this chat?

Not at this point, I will reach out when I have more definite information

Sounds like a plan! Thanks so much for reaching out & all of my contact info will be in the email I send you. I’ll be here if you need help / have questions along the way