Waterfront Home in Gloucester

Boston Blend Mosaic – Ready for Harsh Weather

Applications: Chimneys, Fireplaces, FoundationsLocation: Massachusetts

Weather on the New England coast can be harsh. Real thin stone veneer is dense and durable enough to withstand even the harshest winters.  Our Boston Blend is HCA (Harsh Climate Approved) and has the ability to withstand high winds and even salt. Boston Blend Mosaic & Round stone siding on this coastal home will continue to look beautiful and be problem free for many years to come.

This project by Windover Construction used Boston Blend Mosaic & Round mix around the foundation and on a large two-story chimney with bluestone finishes. But the project didn’t stop there. Boston Blend Ledgestone was used on a modern style gas fireplace. The rustic elegance of this feature you have to see to believe!



Boston Blend® Thin Veneer Mosaic  — 90%

Boston Blend® Thin Veneer Round  — 10%


Boston Blend® Thin Veneer Ledgestone — 100%

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Boston Blend™ Mosaic Waterfront Gloucester Home