Rustic and Reclaimed Luxury in Maine with Round Veneer

Rustic and Reclaimed with Boston Blend Round

Applications: Chimneys, Columns and Arches, SidingLocation: Maine

New England stone covers the entrance, columns, and siding as an accent

This Maine hilltop residence has amazing sprawling views of Sunday River mountain ski resort. The entire home consists of recycled and sustainable materials. The Boston Blend Round veneer was the perfect natural stone choice. It is cut from reclaimed stones that were gathered from farms and fields throughout New England. It adds a rustic touch with colors that blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Skip planed snow fence boards were used as siding and will weather naturally with the changing seasons. The roof is made of recycled standing seam steel. Accents of Corten metal with a rusting finish were used throughout the project. Every room in the home has an amazing view of the mountain. Natural elements such as local trees were brought inside to give the sense of living outdoors in an indoor space.

Although the home was built with nature in mind, it’s not without its modern touches. This smart house boasts a state of the art indoor/outdoor sound system and natural cooling and heating systems. It has a full concrete floor at the basement level as well as radiant heat on the first floor. In the winter, the passive heat gain is recycled to cooler parts of the home. The outdoor walkways are heated using solar panels to circulate energy for ice melt.

This home has an amazing Western Colorado Rockies meets “Northern Maine mining camp” motif. It has the perfect blend of historic, modern, and natural elements.

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Rustic Luxury in Maine

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