Stone Veneer Fireplace Mixes Shapes of Boston Blend

Applications: FireplacesLocation: New Hampshire

Boston Blend Square & Rec, Ashlar, and Ledgestone Mix for a Custom Style

This stone veneer is a carefully selected and arranged mix of Stoneyard Boston Blend Square and Rec., Ashlar and Ledgestone combined with elements of large format, custom cut, reclaimed granite pieces. The large scale of this fireplace was well complimented by the use of these large format granite pieces. This cohesive mix of shapes, sizes and colors work well to create another unique rendition of the Unmistaken Stonecraft signature Random Rubble Style.

The hearthstone is a custom fabricated, locally harvested slab with natural top and face which was sourced from a farm in Barre Ma. The whole fireplace was designed around these above mentioned elements.

The large reclaimed beam mantelpiece is nicely buttressed by some carefully crafted pieces of Vineyard Granite which house the up-lighting. A pleasing enhancement, especially in the evening having the light subtly wash over the face of the stonework.

This is a large fireplace (9′ wide 24′ tall) with a large Fireplace Xtrodinaire wood burning insert with arched opening.

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Contractor: Certified Stone Installer

Unmistaken Stonecraft