Customer Testimonial

After having an awful experience purchasing stone somewhere else I walked into the Stoneyard extremely stressed. We were immediately greeted by a sales associate ( I wish I would remember her name because she was amazing )! I explained what I thought I was looking for and explained how I had stone at home that I was unhappy with and what I didn’t like about it. After narrowing down some stones she brought me upstairs to look at the same stone in bigger samples! When I was still unsure she offered to bring samples outside so I could see them in the natural light. I was stuck between two stones but decided to go with one even though I was still not 100%. We went back inside to process the sale when I started to panic about my decision. I apologized for my indecisiveness and asked yet another question about one of the colors I was going back and forth about. At that time another associate came over and offered to take me out back in the warehouse. He offered to open a pallet and let me see all the color variations within a pallet. After seeing a full pallet I felt much more comfortable picking a color. The Stoneyard went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with my decision and I would recommend them to anyone.
—Lyndsay Vinal