101 Ways to Use a Food Slab

By: American Stonecraft

We have been making Food Slabs for going on 5 years now. One of the questions we get asked most often is “What do you do with it?”. Well, as the name implies, they are certainly intended for food and you can feel confident serving and eating right off the polished, sealed, food-safe surface. However, in addition to putting food on your Food Slab, there are many more wonderful things you can do with them. So without further or due, here is our thoughtfully compiled list of 101 Food Slab uses to inspire and excite you!!

1. Cheese board! Use it with our cheese tools to take it over the top.

2. As a trivet for hot dishes straight out of the oven

3. Use it to speed up the process of thawing meat, place frozen meat on one, or between two Slabs

4. Put it on your sofa or bed to make a stable and level surface

5. Like fly fishing? Use it as a stand to tie flies

6. Pre-chill it in the freezer to make an ice cold fruit platter on a hot summer day

7. Place it on the corner of your picnic blanket to keep it from blowing away

8. Hang it on the wall, voila! Now you can admire it vertically as nature’s art rivals the human hand

9. Use it to serve sushi

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