Stone Installation Tips

11 Questions to Ask Your Stonemason About Stone Veneer

11 Questions to Ask a Stonemason, Landscaper, or Contractor About Stone Veneer 1. Can I see photos of your projects? Stonemasons are like artists. Each has a style and some…

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how to accurately split a granite block

How to Accurately Split a Granite Block

David Croteau, founder at, shows how to split a granite block using a carbide-tipped tracer and sledgehammers.

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Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer Tour of Stone on Pallets Ready to Cut

David Croteau Co-Founder of explains how Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer is cut from whole pieces of Round New England Fieldstone. Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer Fireplace Round…

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Boston Blend Mosaic DIY Roger Parker Lake Winnie Cottage

Boston Blend Mosaic DIY Parker Lake Winnie Cottage

DIY Cottage Boston Blend Mosaic Boston Blend Mosaic DIY Roger Parker Lake Winnie Cottage Boston Blend Mosaic DIY Roger Parker Lake Winnie Cottage Hi Dave, Thanks to everyone at Stoneyard…

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What Moisture Control Cavity Weep System Should I Use?

Why include a weep system? Veneer stone is not a structural wall, it is either adhered to the structural wall (thin veneer) or anchored to a weight bearing foundation (building…

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Which Cement Board Saves Stone Install Time?

Cement Board Substrate Saves Installation Time by 35% and Cost by 6% National Association of Home Builders Association-affiliated Home Innovation Research Labs finds that using PermaBase Cement Board as a…

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Why Natural Thin Veneer Stone is Best for Exterior Use

What types of thin veneer are Harsh Climate Approved? The exterior of your home, government, or commercial building faces Mother Nature’s extreme conditions every day. Depending on your location, this…

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Masonry Selection Process for Thin Veneer

The Masonry Selection Process for Stonemasons To ensure a successful thin stone veneer project, these are the steps a stonemason will take before thin stone veneer is applied to the…

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How Should I Mix and Match Natural Stone Shapes?

Mix of Boston Blend Mosaic, Boston Blend Round, Boston Blend Square & Rec, and Boston Blend Ledge Stone Formula: Mix & Match Colors and Shapes to Create a Unique Design…

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