How To Get People To Find My Business Online

Use the free web site Google My Business

Google My Business is a free web site that is tied to Google Maps and user’s phone locations. 

It is very important to make sure that your business is listed with Google using this free service. 

Here is how to get started: 

  1. Open your gmail account (if you don’t have a gmail account, sign up here:
  2. Click on the upper right dots
  3. Select the Google My Business icon
  4. Claim your free web site
  5. Update your contact and location information
  6. Add your finished photos
  7. Add a new photo at least once a week

If you do this, more people who are around your zip code that are searching for stone or landscape contractors will find your business. 

Here is an example of the Stoneyard Google My Business web site. It appears during a Google search:

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