Homestead™ Thin Stone Veneer


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    Ashland Modern Ledge
    Aspen Ridge Stacked Stone
    Cape Elizabeth Stacked Stone
    Cedar Falls Stacked Stone
    Copper Mountain Mosaic
    Copper Mountain Precision Cut
    Copper Mountain Rustic Ashlar
    Cottage Standard Cut
    Desert Falls Rustic Ashlar
    Diamond Peak Stacked Stone
    Everest Standard Cut
    Farmstead Rubble
    Flint Cove Stacked Stone
    Hamilton Stacked Stone
    Magnolia Modern Ledge
    Monadnock Precision Cut
    Monadnock Rustic Ashlar
    Monadnock Sq & Rec
    Mountain Rock Stone Panels
    Nantucket Precision Cut
    Oak Hill Mosaic
    Oak Hill Stacked Stone
    Redwood Stacked Stone
    Rocky River Sq & Rec
    Rustic Mountain Precision Cut
    Sandy Bay Stacked Stone
    Silver Lake Rustic Ashlar
    Steel Bay Mosaic
    Steel Bay Rustic Ashlar
    Steel Bay Sq & Rec
    Steel Bay Stacked Stone
    Steel Bay Stone Panels
    Thunder Ridge Rustic Ashlar
    Walnut Creek Stacked Stone
    Washington Precision Cut

    Homestead™ Thin Stone Veneer – The Beauty of Nature Preserved

    The 21st Century Homestead

    The 21st century meaning of homestead and homesteading is all about self sufficiency —  using less energy, eating wholesome local food, involving your family in your community and making wiser choices that will improve the quality of life for your family, your community and the environment around you.

    Homestead™ Thin Veneers are a natural homesteading choice. All of the Homestead™ Thin Veneer are natural stones from the Earth. Because natural stone products tend to be more durable than manufactured stone products, they will generally maintain their beauty much longer than manufactured stone. The depth and variation of color in natural stone is often much greater than its manufactured counterpart. Additionally, natural stone maintains its color throughout the piece, making it much more resilient against cutting, chipping, and breaking.

    For additional information about this product, please REQUEST A QUOTECONTACT US, or call 978-742-9800 to speak with a stone specialist today.