Mortar & Water Barrier

Mortar & Water Barrier Products by LATICRETE®

LATICRETE® MVIS™ (Masonry Veneer Installation System) is a system of products, when used in accordance with written instructions, provides a warranted solution for the installation of thin brick, manufactured stone, natural stone, and other thin veneer products. With over 50 years of setting industry standards with waterproofing and polymer fortified adhesive cement technology, LATICRETE offers an installation system that provides a permanent solution to adhering natural, manufactured stone and thin brick and other products to vertical and horizontal substrates.


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LATICRETE® MVIS for Natural Stone Thin Veneer

LATICRETE® has developed an installation system that provides a permanent, high strength installation that is freeze/thaw stable and protected from water intrusion. Backed by either the LATRICRETE® 25 Year System Warranty or 15 Year System Warranty, the LATICRETE® Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS) allows for increased productivity utilizing either masonry veneer techniques or the “tile setter’s” method.

Architectural details are offered at to help design professionals, contractors, and installers understand the range of possible applications – and appropriate products and techniques which will assure long-term performance on projects of all types.


Hi-Bond Veneer mortar is a zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) mortar, meaning once cured there is no off gassing at all. That’s going to be true for most LATICRETE products.

The Air & Water Barrier can go through a limited amount of freeze thaw cycles, typically 3. We recommend tempering the product back to 70 degrees at least 12 hours prior to application and to stir thoroughly right before being applied. For storage purposes, we always recommend storing at 45 degree min.