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    At Stoneyard, we specialize in providing high-quality natural thin stone veneers for both interior and exterior projects. Our products are made from real stones, including quarried and reclaimed weathered natural stones like New England Fieldstone, that have been cut thin (1 inch thick) and weigh less than 14 lbs/sf. 

    Our exterior natural thin stone veneers can enhance curb appeal or add rustic charm to outdoor living spaces with minimal maintenance required. Interior natural thin stone brings the beauty of nature indoors, creating stunning focal points around fireplaces or accent walls without needing painting or upkeep like traditional masonry options.

    Stone veneer siding offers many choices for color, shape, and size to achieve desired designs in both indoor and outdoor applications that can match in texture, color and shape. Stone veneer adds value to homes by offering unique customization options while being cost-effective durable long-lasting beautiful construction material perfect for residential or commercial projects alike.

    Explore our selection of natural thin stone veneers.

    Visualize Your Project Now!


    Visualize Your Project Now!

    Exterior Siding

    Our exterior natural thin stone is perfect for enhancing your home’s curb appeal or adding some rustic charm to your outdoor living space. These durable wall coverings can be used on everything from entryways to retaining walls with minimal maintenance required.

    Interior Walls

    Bring the beauty of nature into your indoor space with Stoneyard’s collection of interior natural thin stone. The authentic texture and character they offer can create stunning focal points around fireplaces or accent walls while never needing painting or upkeep like traditional masonry options.

    Craftsmanship Matters:

    All our products are made using only natural stones crafted by experts experienced at maintaining their inherent integrity throughout the cutting process.

    With our commitment to quality craftsmanship backed up by a  family history rooted in stonework tradition – you can trust Stoneyard® as your source for natural stone that will last a lifetime!


    STONEYARD® handcrafts Thin Stone Veneer from REAL stone NOT FAUX (man-made, artificial, cement, cultured, or manufactured stone) right here in the USA. Our veneer stone siding products consist of quarried and reclaimed weathered natural stones including New England Fieldstone that have been cut thin (1 inch thick) and weigh less than 14 lbs/sf. 

    Stoneyard natural thin stone made with flat and corner pieces which gives the appearance of full thickness stone on all surfaces and on the 90 degree corners. This natural stone siding is real stone that will enhance the beauty and functionality of any project.

    Thin veneer is light enough to be permanently attached to cement board, a brick fireplace, for example, or any structural wall or foundation. View our stone veneer installation guide.

    Be sure to use our handy calculator to determine the quantity required for your project.

    Natural Stone for Indoor and Exterior Projects

    Browse through our extensive collection of photos and finished projects created by our customers and stone installers using our veneer stone.

    Stone siding offers many choices for color, shape, and size to achieve your desired design. The stone for both interior and exterior applications can match in texture, color and shape.

    Interior stone projects include fireplaces, accent walls, interior chimneys, kitchen walls and backsplashes, wine cellars. and commercial ovens.

    Outdoor stone projects include stone siding, foundations, outdoor fireplaces and chimneys, retaining walls, stone walls, columns, entryways, outdoor kitchens, and pool areas.

    Faux Stone vs Natural Stone

    Stoneyard’s natural veneer stone is Harsh Climate Approved™. It can be used in the most extreme applications and yet still maintain the color, texture and beauty for generations. That is why it is ideal for any construction project that demands the finest architectural stone siding.

    Looking for Natural Stacked Stone Thin Veneer? These veneer stones come  in both Flats and Corners. Read about Mortar Joint Options and How to Install Thin Stone Veneer.

    How Stone Veneer Can Add Value to Your Home

    Stone veneer is an excellent option if you’re looking to add something unique and personalized to your home. Indoor or outdoor, stone has a ton of variety and ways to customize the color, style and use to suit your needs.

    There are many variations for veneer stone siding, including stone vener, vinir, venner, fascia, and facing. In addition to these terms, there are also numerous synonyms that can describe a similar construction material. These may include cladding, exterior finishings or coatings (like stucco), and even brickwork.

    As for facades specifically: frontispiece, appearance (as in “the building’s appearance was improved with new facade improvements”), exterior treatment.

    Overall though, terms like “veneer” and “siding” tend to be used more often than other synonym options when referring to this type of construction material.

    These stone products are sorted, split and sawn from real stone to create Stoneyard architectural stone veneer.

    Use this for residential and commercial construction and remodeling projects. Cost effective, durable, long lasting and beautiful to look at.

    Created by volcanic and tectonic activity over millions of years. Crafted by skilled stone cutters to enhance the beauty of your home or business.

    Stoneyard is the premier provider of high-quality thin stone products that are perfect for any residential or commercial project. Our collection includes a wide range of natural stones, such as granite, limestone, and slate, which have been carefully selected to ensure their durability and beauty.

    Our thin stone veneers are lightweight and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can be used on walls, fireplaces, accent features or even as flooring options in certain settings.

    At Stoneyard we are a Masonry, Veneer, Stone, Natural Stone and Rock Veneer supplier near me.

    We take pride in our commitment to sustainability by sourcing our materials from quarries within North America. This not only ensures quality but also reduces transportation costs and carbon footprint.

    At Stoneyard we understand that every project is unique; therefore we offer custom solutions tailored specifically to your needs. We work closely with architects, designers & builders throughout the entire process from design concept through installation ensuring satisfaction at every step along the way.

    Choose Stoneyard for your next renovation or construction project – you won’t be disappointed!

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