Natural Stone Creates Quiet Luxury Home


This quiet luxury home embraces a blend of classic design and natural elements. Cottage Standard Cut Travertine Thin Stone Veneer is the perfect selection for its interior stone accent walls and exterior siding. From the moment you arrive, grand natural stone columns topped with lamp posts flank the entrance, hinting at the natural beauty to come. The home’s exterior is wrapped in the same stone that unifies the foundation and entryway, creating a cohesive and inviting facade.

Staircase Cottage Standard Cut

Step inside the home and the natural theme continues. The living room entertainment center takes center stage, featuring a stunning stone accent wall that surrounds the fireplace and television. This creates a focal point that’s both grand and grounded, perfect for cozy evenings or entertaining guests. As you ascend the gorgeous staircase to the upper level, a natural stone wall continues the earthy aesthetic, tying the design together throughout the home.

The key to this home’s success lies in the use of natural materials in a way that feels both sophisticated and relaxed. The soft cream and white tones of Cottage Standard Cut Travertine, with its contrasting rough and smooth textures, create a sense of quiet luxury. It’s a design that celebrates the beauty of nature, without sacrificing comfort or style.

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