The Proper Stone Wall Sets The Property’s Value

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When you have spent months designing and choosing every detail of your custom home, then your landscaping, the final touch is a proper stone wall entrance. Here is an excellent example sent to us by Eddy Silva of Eddy’s Construction and Masonry

This elegant stone wall and two driveway columns were handcrafted with a mix of Stoneyard Boston Blend Square & Rectangular, and Boston Blend Ledgestone stone veneer shapes. The resulting look is one of solid, full granite stone yet each stone is only 1.25″ thick.

The art of intermingling these stone veneer shapes comes from years of stone masonry experience. The art of handcrafting this natural stone veneer itself is one of our proudest accomplishments. When both arts are put together, the result here is self evident: a proper stone wall that lends intrinsic value to this home.

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